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We hate our neighbour’s ‘left wing’ colourful home



Source: Metro Lifestyle

An artist’s colourful home has disgruntled her neighbours, with some calling it ‘shabby’ and ‘ juvenile’

Carrie Reichardt, 56, who lives in Chiswick, London, has spent more than 20 years covering the exterior of her home in around a million mosaic pieces.

The front wall contains the words ‘I’m An Artist, Your Rules Don’t Apply’ while the back wall has the quote ‘All Power to the People’, which became a key phrase from the American Civil Rights Movement.

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Art Curation

Artist-led initiatives are transforming Accra into a world-class cultural hub



Source: Art Basel

In 2011, the Ghanaian poet, musician, and spoken-word artist Poetra Asantewa decided things needed to change. Asantewa had been performing in front of live audiences across Accra, Ghana’s capital, for a year. However, she felt that the city did not offer the infrastructure she needed to succeed. She knew she was talented, but also that it was not enough.

The turning point, she said, was the thought of building a community of like-minded creatives. By collaborating with fellow artists who had similar wants, needs, and goals, she would gain access to an audience, support, resources, and a network, ultimately contributing to the city’s cultural ecosystem.

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