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The Five Most Essential Books About Art and Fashion



Source: Arts in America

Whether analyzing dress in portraiture or understanding how artists’ personal styles can be extensions of creative vision, art and fashion are inextricably linked. Here are five key texts to unlock important sartorial and artistic bonds.This article appears under the title “Syllabus: Art and Fashion” in the Winter 2023 issue, p. 34.

If you wonder how we got to the point of so many new artist-designer collaborations, Natasha Degen’s recent history is a great place to start. As the professor and chair of art market studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Degen examines fashion and art through a business lens, and suggests that Andy Warhol and the advent of Pop art are what led to contemporary art’s unabashed union with commerce. In the introduction, Merchants of Style traces the rise of couturiers whose genius was likened to that of artists, as well as those in Surrealist circles who collaborated across disciplines. It moves from there to a post-Warhol age in which elite consumption forever changed, and luxury conglomerates are inclined to open their own art museums and foundations.

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