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Art Protest

The Art of Protest: The Antiwar Art of Russian Battle Painter Vasily Vereshchagin



Source: The Strategy Bridge

The Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, and examining Russian culture is still a minefield since Russia launched its February 2022 Special Military Operation. Concerts featuring the music of famous Russian composers came under fire.[1] Ballet tours were shuttered.[2] Russian art and cultural exhibitions were questioned, postponed, or canceled.[3] Russian food and drink came under scrutiny, with bar owners dumping bottles of vodka into storm drains for social media.[4] Competing images of stalwart Russians supporting Putin and the Russian occupation saturated Russian state media over the last year. But there is dissent in modern Russia, as should be expected given the rich history of dissent among Russian artists who historically challenged oppression and the ruthless activities of authoritarian regimes.[5] These Russian artists and artworks deserve consideration by national security and defense professionals to understand an adversary’s political and social undercurrents.

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