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Jersey City Arts 2023 — What Happened?



Source: Jersey City times

Well, you can’t fault us for trying.

After many years characterized by more inspiration than coordination, we went large — or, at least, larger than we ever had before.  Jersey City Art Week bundled the fifth Art Fair 14C, the thirty-fourth Art and Studio Tour, and the thirty-first annual International Sculpture Conference into a single event.  The Week (which was, in truth, four days) was organized and supervised by 14C and touted by the municipal government as breakthrough for Jersey City.  The mayor promised to create the biggest and best arts event on the East Coast. The words Art Basel were used in the press release.

Art Basel it wasn’t. The shows attached to the ISC were adequate but underwhelming.  Attendance at Studio Tour stops, especially those far from Downtown, was slow. Art Fair 14C’s main event at the Central Railroad Terminal at Liberty State Park was an aesthetic success, but setup was complicated and costly.  Before the Week was even over, 14C organizers announced that the Fair wouldn’t be back in 2024.  The Art Week doubters — and there were many — were quick to remind the rest of us that they knew all along that the plan was inadequate. 

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