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Art Instillation

How to Turn Your Art Instillation Into a Comedy Short Film



Source: nofilmschool

It all started with a simple idea: “What if I move my mom into a middle class neighborhood in the metaverse?”

Sarah Lasley’s “Welcome to Enclave” took this premise and and ran with it full send, learning how to craft a hellish digital suburban nightmare from scratch as the backdrop for her piece. What begin as a 36-minute art piece was meticulously reworked into a wonderfully weird 12-minute short film selected for this year’s Slamdance experimental shorts black.

What begins as a perfectly innocent absurdist concept—two women living their best lives in a picturesque middle class suburban neighborhood in the meta verse—slowly devolves to chaos when they use Reddit to further fund their digital home. And once reddit trolls get ahold of a digital space, well, you know how that can go…

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