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Economic woe can’t take the shine off Colombia’s art trade



Source: The Art Newspaper

Colombia, at the north-western tip of South America, boasts one of the continent’s most vibrant and evolving art markets. It is centred on Bogotá, the capital city high in the mountains, where around 40 commercial art galleries, dozens of museums and Artbo, the annual international fair, have coalesced to create one of Latin America’s most important cultural hubs.

International interest in Colombian art has been on the rise since 2008, according to Paula Bossa, the curator and director at Bogotá’s Casas Riegner, a gallery dedicated to contemporary art. She says that improvements in national security after decades of strife have allowed visitors to feel safer travelling around the country, and a talented generation of Colombian curators who have worked abroad have raised awareness about Colombian artists. Colombian galleries taking part in high-profile international art fairs have also attracted (and retained) crucial collectors and media attention, Bossa adds.

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