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Bawwaba: Sanación / Healing focuses on community, healing and art’s social purpose



Source: Stirworld

During Art Dubai’s curators’ exchange session, Emiliano Valdes, the curator of the fair’s Bawwaba section referred to a widely misinterpreted Mahatma Gandhi quote: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” The employment of this quote to produce a willingness to transform by placing the onus onto oneself is tweaked to examine our positions and actions and the impact it has on our planet. Valdes notes, “Every action is political” whilst reminding us how artists must operate on two levels—while thinking about the world they must also introspect on our relationship with ourselves. Situated in Hall A instead of its usual section, this is conceptually the strongest edition of the segment so far. However, one can’t ignore the wide presence of Indian artists and galleries to the detriment of its ‘Global South’ claim.

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